Adding a Calendar

A calendar is a good way to let people know what is going on! Using a calendar is a two part process.


First you must add events to an Event Subsection. This section can be placed anywhere, and you can set up different calendars for different items.

Second you can either go to properties under the "Configuration" heading and check the "Display Calendar" option. The calendar will be displayed in the main section of the Section that you have just created. 


Go to the section and/or item that you would like a calendar to appear, to promote the calendar. To lean more about Promotion click here. Select the Promotion link under the "Attachments" heading from your left navigation. Then choose the events section that you created from the drop down box. Check the "Display Calendar" option, and Apply and Save your changes.

This feature is being phased out with the implementation of a new site template.  You can still promote calendar events to a page with the new template, but the actual calendar will no longer display.  Many are now choosing to use a Google Calendar embed code when they want a calendar to be displayed on a basic page.

Don't worry, it sounds a lot harder than it really is, and calendars are a great way to promote the things that your department or school are doing! Remeber this is not an interactive calendar, so you can't schedule meetings, and such. But if your planning a party then with this calendar tool you sure can let everyone know about it! 

District calendar