Form Section
The Form section allows for the creation of form objects. The Form section helps to put survey out, get feedback from the users.

Step I

Add a subsection under home section selecting FORM

Step II

There are three options for user to select.

  • Form Builders - where admin  creates the form
  • Download Form Data - where admin view the data collected from the Form.
  • Add a subsection - to add another new section beneath Form section.

Click on the Form Builder to create the form.

Step III

Select Add Step, and write the name of the Form and save it. 


Step IV

Select Add Field, Submission Page will provide the information when user finishes filling the form and submitting. 

Step V

Form builders will see following picture, right hand side of every Field Type has "?", which will give information about it.

  • Type - Field type can be textbox, numeric, email, zipcode, phone number - once users select any field type, field type description fields will show up.

  • Label -The "label" is what gets displayed to the end user while they are filling out the form and when they view the confirmation page. This can be anything you want.
  • Name -The "name value is a database field name.It is never revealed to the end user, but is used as the column name for this field when you download your data.Try not to use spaces or unusual characters in the field's name.
  • Required - If the field is required, then the end user is obligated to enter some data before they can finish the form.
  • Display - Inline display present both the field label and input element on the same horizontal line. Stacked displays render the input element directly below the field label.
  • Default - If the end users want to display default value
  • End users can add the Header and Footer
  • Click on save to save the field type.
  • End users can add as many as required field type.

Submission Page:

Submission Page is the last page when the end user submit the form it will take them to submit page which is briefly says "Thank you for submitting the survey ............".


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