Getting Information Back from your Form
So you have created a form, and know you would like to get the information from that form. Well this is fairly straight forward.

Step 1

Click on the "Dowload Form Data" link

Step 2

This will allow for you to specify a start date and end date. If you leave both of them blank then you will get all of the data. Once you have choose a date range (or not) Press the "Download Data" button

Step 3

You will have the option to "Cancel", "Save" or "Open". If you choose to "Cancel" then nothing will be saved or opened, and you will return to the screen for choosing a date range.

If you choose to "Save" The file then you will be prompted with a common Save Dialog box, so that you can choose the location that you would like to save the file in. Remember this location, becuase you will need to go there to open, copy or use the file.

If you choose "Open" then you will open a small window in the upperleft corner of your screen. (Please wait until all of the data is downloaded before resizing the new window). The window will look like:

You can now choose to save this information as a comma seperated file, which will easily import into a Database or Spreadsheet application.

and that's all there is to downloading data from your forms