News Child Section
A News Subsection provides a format to view the recent news items. This section can be promoted* to other subsections. It can be adjusted for the number of news items it shows.

The Summary for each News article (item) will appear on the section under which the News section  was created. There will also be a link to the Body of the article. So each news item added in this section type displays three elements: the title, a short summary (generally a sentance) and an automated link that allows the visitor to get to the body of the news item.

*promoted: this term and tool is used throughout the UP system to make linked reference from one part of the site to another page on the site, thus promoting a page.


Step I

Add a Subsection named "News" .

Step II

Click on the Add Items

Step III

  • Type the Title.
  • Select Publication Date and time from menus
  • Write the summary and description of the news.
  • Save it

Step IV

It looks like below, view the site.