RSS Promotion
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Promotion allows the promotion of Sections and Items between sites. You can also pull special RSS "News feeds" from many different internet sites (i.e. to pick up the latest Star and Tribune news items)

How to Use the RSS Promotion?

First you need to set up your section to be promoted.

  1. Create or Use a section (i.e. calendar event section or news section) that you would like to promote to another site.
  2. Click on "Security" tab in left navigation  and choose the "True" option for RSS.
  3. Click on the "Save" button (upper right corner) to save the section

To use a promoted RSS feed in your site.

  1. View the page that you would like use as an RSS feed, using the "View Site" link (upper right corner) and change the extension of the URL from .html to .rss
  2. Highlight the URL and copy it. 
  3. Open the admin
  4. Choose the section in which you would like to use the promoted RSS feed.
  5. Click on the "RSS Promotion Attachment" option in the left navigation as shown in picture above.
  6. Click on add new to add RSS promotion
  7. Paste the copied URL into the "URL" textbox, and choose the appropriate property settings.
  8. Click on the "Apply" button (upper right corner)
  9. Click on the "Apply" button (upper right corner)
  10. Click on the "Save" button (upper right corner)
  11. Click on the "View Site" link to see your RSS promotion in action.
RSS Best Practices
Remember when you subscribe to a RSS feed that you are linking to a source that can change frequently. We recommend that you validate the source of the feed before promoting to your site.