Attaching Attachments (There's no other way)

Calendars, extra PDF documentation and even promotions (now this is a great idea, check out the promotions help for more info!) You can make your site the talk of the district, or if you use attachments intelligently combined with good content, the talk of the town! So what's the basic concept behind attachments?

Well, attachments are used to supplement the content that you've entered for the section. For example if you would like to add some PDF's that you have created as additional material for the user to look at and download or print out, then you would use an attachment to place the list of PDF documents at the bottom of your content. Or if you have a picture that would go great with the content that you've spent time writing and editing, you can attach the picture to the text, and the text with automatically wrap, around the picture that you've attached.

But wait! Attachments can also appear in the sidebar, here you can display a graphical calendar, related links, images or even a promotion! Remember promotions are a great way to keep people clicking around your site. By allowing you to display information that is deeper in your site on the front page, or at least with many less clicks (click on the promotions help for more info about this concept).


So start attaching attachments, there's really no other way!