Intermediate User

Adding a News Section

Adding a Quick Links Section

Change a page header + URL

Add a rotator
Once you've finalized your content and received an image that's 6"x4" you're ready to add a rotator. Follow along in order to properly add a rotator. Note: If a rotator doesn't display correctly it likely is an issue with the content you've added. To fix this first turn the rotator off and take two courses of action: 1) The easiest fix is to reinsert your content by copying and pasting the content as plain text again. 2) If that doesn't work, click on the source button and investigate the HTML code for irregularities compared to plain text you added and then delet unneccessary HTML tags or commands.

Add a page
To add a page you must first find the area in which you're looking to add a page within a site's hierarchy on the left-hand side. Once your location has been determined you're ready to add a page.

Add a sidebar + document
When you're in the midst of editing a page you have the option to add assets like sidebars, documents and more on the left-side of the page. And for our sake we'll be focusing on adding a sidebar and a document to a page.