Whether you’re a person with disabilities or non-disabled, accessibility benefits you!
  • Think of a time you’ve used a curb cut to pull a wagon or dolly onto the sidewalk…
  • Or had a package in your hand and used the accessibility button to automatically open a door…
  • Or needed to change, so you used an accessible bathroom stall…
  • Or maybe you learned to speak a global language by watching a movie with subtitles.

These are all features originally intended as accessibility features that benefit people without disabilities too!

Web accessibility has multiple benefits for people without disabilities:

  • Giving your website proper structure (using H1, H2, H3 headings) makes it easier to read and understand, provides a clean and professional look and improves search engine optimization
  • Using alt-text for images can be beneficial when the image doesn’t load
  • Designing for proper color contrast improves legibility, especially in low-light situation and on devices with improperly calibrated displays

By embracing “universal design” principals, we can destigmatize assistive technologies, improve the user experience for all users, and intentionally design inclusive digital spaces for students of all abilities. 

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