Accessibility Check List for MPS Employees

MPS Web Editors can help create accessible content by following our accessibility guidelines. Here's a quick check-list to make sure your web content is accessible to users with disabilities. 

Make sure all images have alt-text. 

When adding an image in Urban Planet, remember to always add "alt-text" to the image in the title field of the image upload. Remember to make your alt-text descriptive (e.g., "photo of students playing outside" instead of "students playing." 

how to add alt-text

Use headings and subheadings to give Your page structure

You should use headings and subheadings to improve the structure of your page. This helps people using a screen-reader navigate your page more easily; it also helps people with vision to scan your page more easily and improves your SEO. 

You can add headers using the ribbon in the editing window of Urban Planet. Look for the "styles" drop down menu. You should use headings first, then "nest" your subheadings within headings as appropriate. 


Use bulleted and numbered lists to make your content more accessible

Bulleted texts are easier to scan, which improves the user experience for both people with disabilities and people without disabilities. Avoid creating lengthy paragraphs and instead consider using bullets. 

Make sure your links are descriptive

Avoid things like "click here to go to the Minneapolis Public Schools homepage." Instead, try "visit the Minneapolis Public Schools Homepage." Avoid "learn more about Emerson Spanish Immersion School," and instead use "learn more about Emerson Spanish Immersion School on their website.

Don't use special fonts or colors. Stick to the defaults.

Urban Planet fonts are designed to be legible to all users. Please don't change the fonts by adding special colors, highlighting texts, or trying to change the fonts. Never edit the source code of the page. Use the formatting options provided to you. 

Don't rely on color to differentiate content

Use the bold, italics and underline options available in Urban Planet to emphasize and differentiate content.