Hiding and Unhiding a Page

You can hide and unhide a page in the configuration tab of the webpage editor. 

When you hide a page, it is no longer visible in the navigation menus. However, people can still see your page if they have it bookmarked, click on a link to the page, or manually enter the correct URL. Hidden pages also show up in search resutls. If you want a page to be completely invisible, you need to turn it off or delete it. 

Hiding a page is a useful feature if you want to edit a page without people being able to see your changes as they happen. When editing a page, it's recommended users hide the page and use the "view site" feature to switch back-and-forth between the editing view and the live page. You can unhide the page when you're done with editing it. 

How to hide a webpage

1.) Click on a webpage in your content tree. From this screen, click on "config"

2.) Select access setting from the left-hand nav menu.

3.) Using the dropdown menu, select "true" to hide a page. Select "false" to make the page visible in the navigation menu. 

Follow these same steps to unhide the page, but toggle "hide section" to "false" to make a page visible to users. 

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