Using the Editing Cycle in Urban Planet

When you first create a new page in Urban Planet, the page is turned off. This means neither you nor the general public can see the page. 

It can be helpful to turn the page on but to hide it from public view while you edit is. This will allow you to see how your content changes look. Once the page is on, but hidden, you can use the "view site" picture to see your changes. 

Step 1: Toggle the page on by selecting the red button and turning to green. 

Step 2: In the top right side of the editing window, select "config" to access the configuration settings. 

Step 3: Click on "access settings" from the left configuration menu. 

Step 4: Change "hide section" from false to true. Click apply. 

Step 5: From the editing window, right click "view site." 

Step 6: Select "open in a new tab." You can also hold the command key down while clicking the "view site" link if you're using a Mac. 

You can now switch between a live, but hidden, view of your site and the editing screen. As you make edits, you'll need to refresh the live site to see your latest changes. Remember to always click the green "save" button as you make edits.