Use of Graphics & Photos
  • Never use flashing text or icons, they are distracting to the reader and may prompt them to leave a page/site prematurely

  • Do not use clip art or photos to decorate your web page; images should be limited to graphics/photos that inform or illustrate the content (schools are more at liberty to use clip art/photos, but should still try to be careful not to overuse graphics and to also use high-quality graphics as explained below.)

  • If you have two or more photos from an event that you want to share, it is best to place those photos in an image gallery rather than placing/embedding the photos throughout the layout of your page or website; remember, photos should inform the content and should not be merely decorative.

  • Official department or program logos can be used on web pages, but should be used sparingly (not on more than 1 or 2 pages). For example, a logo could be placed on a department’s home page or page where the content directly relates to the logo.